CSSEdit: Properly Edit CSS Files 1


CSSEdit: Properly Edit CSS Files


If you are a designer of websites, or just generally like to play around with CSS, there is one program you should not go without in your arsenal. That app is CSSEdit. Designed by the MacRabbit team it is the best tool for editing CSS.

This app is very simple to use, and you can see it from the way the program works. For example the default style is designed for you to move left to right. For example the left hand column is all of your currently style in your document. They are ordered in the way you create them, and they show you a small preview of what the style looks like.

The center part of the pane is where your action is. It beautifully coloured syntax that is very easy to use. Every time you add your tag and the brackets ( {} ), it will automatically add the closing tags. Lots of small features enable you to quickly add the style you want.

The right hand side is where you can add the properties. It is very easy to use. You first click on the style you want to edit. You then move down the list clicking on the properties you want to add. For example the font properties, sizes, colours etc. It is very simple to do. Click, click, click and you have finished the style. No spelling mistakes (which are very frequent for me) and no missing end tags.

There are also a whole load of other features that enable you to really control your CSS styles. For example there is a W3C validate or your CSS, a milestone setting to save points in your CSS files (like backups).

All in all, it is a great program and defintely one worth checking out. Its priced at 29.95 euros. There is a free demo download which you can use to test the waters. Try it out. If you have any comments please leave on below.

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