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Free Yourself From The Internet


I end up spending a lot of time on the internet when I should be doing work. As a result productivity ends up tanking. Mostly due to spending so much waste time, wikipedia comes to mind. Anyway there is a little application that can help you by disabling both your ethernet and wi-fi through a small command.

This program called Freedom, does just that, frees you from the internet. The first step is to enter your password. I think this little program runs a small piece of code in the background that will disable something in the system part of your computer.

Once as you enter your password you can pick your time in which your network will be disabled. I think the best time, for the first run, is something short like 5 minutes. The maximum length is 3 hours. So if you really want to be in the cold you can enter 180 in the box below.

Once as you click OK, you are free but there are problems. It does disable your network, so if you want to access NAS or Apple Disks you can’t. Even if you close the program it still runs. The only time you can access the internet is when the time is up. You will see a message box like the one below.

Try it out. It is very useful if you do get easily distracted. There are a couple of problems with the program if you do want to access the network again, you do have to restart or find the unix command to re-enable it. Try it out tell me what you think.

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