Give Your WordPress Admin That Leopard Look 2


Give Your WordPress Admin That Leopard Look


This is a rather different post. If anybody uses wordpress, the interface used for the admin panel is a bit boring. It did get a redesign during the last update, but it could be a little spruced up. This WordPress plugin changes you admin style so it is a bit more like a Mac. It pulls it off quite well and I really like it.

If you head over to the WordPress plugin site, you can download the plugin. Installation is easy, you just copy the folder into your plug-ins directory and activate within WordPress. You will then get something cool like the image below.

It works perfectly in Safari and Firefox although doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. The developer said that he will only support Internet Explorer if there is enough support.

I really like it. It adds the Mac interface into another area of the web. It is clean easy to use. As well as this it also follows the WordPress layout so it doesn’t radically change anything, only the CSS. The only problem I have with this program is that the buttons, shown in the image above, have white corners when they should be clear.

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