GrabUp – Send ScreenShots To The Web 2


GrabUp – Send ScreenShots To The Web


Quite a long time ago I mentioned a post about taking screen shots. This post is sort of an extension to it, which brings in some new features. Mainly the ability to upload all of your screenshots directly to the internet, with out the need for any Flickr accounts or similar. Its all done through a small program.

This program is called GrabUp. Once you have installed the preference pane you are ready to go. You then have to take a screen shot. This is done through Command + Shift + 4 or Command + Shift + 3 (these are explained in the previous post). GrabUp will then step in and take your photo (which is still on your desktop) and upload it to there servers. A couple of seconds later after the image has gone green a link will be copied to your clipboard. You can then share this photo with the rest of the world. An example of this is here, the upcoming website re-design.

It is very cool, and very simple to use, especially if you like to take pictures and show them over chat or similar. It is also very quick in running. Normally I find images take quite a while to upload to image hosting sites. As a result it doesn’t take long before you are given your link. As well as this in the menu bar, which this program runs from, you can access the previous files you have uploaded.

At time of writing it has served 2600 GrabUp’s (probably why it was quick). When it gets popular things might slow down a bit. An interesting application that works well for what it was designed for.

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