March Round-Up 0


March Round-Up


As part of a once a month feature, it is time for the monthly round up. This is where I talk to you about what has been happening behind the scenes and my thoughts about it. As well as this I will also talk about what I plan on doing in the future months.


After the big launch in February, things calmed down a bit through out March. Although I have received less visits in the last month, I have found more of these are returning visits which is what I really like. As I mentioned in the previous roundup I have implemented a couple of promised features. For example, if you haven’t already noticed, I have put up a discount code for Knapsack. As the loyal readers that you are, I managed to secure this deal this the creators of the program. Its a special thanks to every one who has subscribed, many people have used the promotion and have thanked me for it. Please note that this offer will die out on the 13th of April so act as soon as possible if you want to receive 25% off a single user license.


April may see a big change. Currently this blog is run using the blogger engine. Partly due to my original lack of anything to do with CSS and HTML, things have changed and my knowledge has improved. Although blogger is cool for what I need, I am beginning to grow out of it. As well as this I also want a personal project to play with over the next couple of months. As a result I have decided on moving to WordPress. Although I am currently at the stage of “What the hell does PHP mean?” I have big plans on what to include, as well as this I am going to go for a slight redesign. Since the black/grey theme I find is a bit heavy to read. The transition will be bumpy when it happens although I plan to make it as smooth as possible, by taking a big hammer to any lumps that appear.

As mentioned in the previous part of this post about advertising I am going to remove Adsense all together or severely cut it back. At the moment I am not happy with the results I am seeing with it and as a result it is going to have to go. Although advertising wont disappear altogether it will be replaced by specific custom advertisers, which will mean better ads for you, which are more relevant to this site. I do need to keep advertising to cover all cost associated with running this site. I do hate advertising as much as you so I will try and keep it as minimal as possible.

Finally April will see the continuation of longer posts. I plan in the next couple of weeks to have more detailed posts which delve into the depths of programs and operating systems. I have a really cool Quartz Composer tutorial lined up which will hopefully take the tutorials I have previously written it to a whole new level. It is currently in the stage of my version being a complete mess, it needs simplifying to enable easy understanding of what everything means.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions either leave a comment or send an email.

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