Narrow Down Spotlight Searches Part 2 1


Narrow Down Spotlight Searches Part 2


Quite a while ago I did a post about narrowing down searches using the kind: operator. I have been looking and testing out different operators that help you narrow down searches but with different operators. They are really simple and help out a lot if you end up with humongous search results. Remember that the operators you use don’t have any spaces for example you use kind:image. That will then search for images. If you want to search within images you add a space after. If you have more than one word use speech marks “”.

1) Name:

Kind of obvious searches the name of the file. If you have a file name with more than one word put it in speech marks. For example name:”Task Number One”

2) Author:

Searches for authors of documents. Will only work if you have programs that give assign author such as Word, Mail, iChat, Excel etc. For example author:James

3) Date:

Searches for the date of a file. You know when a file was made you can search within a date. For example date:today date:yesterday date:tomorrow (for ical events) as well as date.

4) Created:

Similar to the date but finds a file when he was created. For example created:14/04/08

5) Kind:

As mentioned in the previous post this finds files of a specified type. E.g kind:image

Although this post is a bit short it does high light some cool ways to find files with spotlight. I will post again when I find more.

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