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Narrow Down Spotlight Searches


The problem with find is that some times it is “too good”. If there is such a thing. As a result if you want to search for something simple, for example the search term “red”. It will find every single file and folder that has the word red in it. This is all well as good, but most of the time you end up with thousands of results, and you spend the next ten minutes scrolling down the list until you reach the place you want. But there is a quicker way, hence the post, to narrow down the searches for a specific file or folder type. This means that if you have a file that you know is an image you can show only the image files. It is super easy, and only requires a bit more typing.

If you open up a new Finder window (or from the menu bar). An enter into the search box:


You can now begin to narrow down your search. As you are typing lots of files and folders will pop up in the search box but you can just ignore them. Once you you have typed in the text above you can then specify a type of file you want to narrow down. For example if you want to show just images you can type “images”, music files “music”. You can even narrow this down further by typing in the type of music file, “wav” for example.

What will happen is that the search result will remove anything that isn’t that kind of file. Leaving you with a clearer view of your search result. If you want to know what kind of file a file is. Open a Finder window, scroll all the way down the the bottom, so you don’t click on any files. Right Click in an empty space, go to Show View Option and then tick the Kind check box from the list. This will then, in Finder, show the type of file you have.

You can then use these keywords in the search parameters. If you want to search with a kind, put a space after your filter keyword and then type you search term. This will then search for your keyword in only the kind you have specified. For example, on my computer the search term “red” returned more the 10,000 items. But the search term “kind:folder red” returned 6, which is a lot easier to pick the folder I want.

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