Password Protecting A Folder (A Solution) 47


Password Protecting A Folder (A Solution)


Currently there is no easy way in Mac OS X to password protect a folder. You can password protect hard disks through the use of File Vault. But what is needed is an easy way to protect your important files (pr0n), you can do this through the use of a disk image.

Creating a disk image to protect your stuff is really simple. First open up Disk Utility in Applications > Utilities. This area is designed to manage all of your disks, but thats not the point of this post. I want you to cast your eyes to the top at the tool bar. At the top there is a cleverly named button called New Image. This will be used to create our disk image.

Once as you click this image you will be given some options. Name it what you want, but there are some options that you should be aware of. For example the volume size, if you plan on putting a lot of files in there make it quite large, although you can change the size on the image later, it is easier to add in a bit of space now.

The next, most important part, is the encryption. You can pick either 128, or 256 bit encryption, it really doesn’t matter. I would recommend 128 bit due to speed although if you want to be extra safe pick the second option. Make sure the Image Format at the bottom is set to read/write, so you can write files into the disk image.

Once as you click ok, the engine will start working and it will create your disk image.

Now is the most important part. Enter the password you want as your image. As usual the longer the password, the better, although if you lose it you will never get your work back.

Once as you click ok, the image will mount and you have a standard image. You can then add in the files you want. Unmount the image and there you go.

To be extra secure you may have to delete the Keychain password as it stores it by default. To do this open up Keychain Access, find your file in the list and delete it. You will then have to enter the image password if you want to access your files.

If you ever need to increase the size of you image because you have filled it up it is pretty simple. Make sure you have opened and closed Disk Utility. Click on the disk image you have created and then on Resize Image in the tool bar. Once as the box pops open click on the blue down arrow. Click on Resize Image, this will then enable you to increase the size of the image all the way up to the maximum free space on your disk. Once as you have done this you are done.

Hopefully, if you have followed the instructions OK, you will be able to password protect your files, and as a result of folder. Until Apple release a way of doing this in Finder, or the Get Info pane. If you have any comments of suggestions please leave on below. If you want to learn more about this sort of stuff I recommend Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual or Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies.

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