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View Wireless Network Info From The Menu Bar


For any one that has a wireless network and has the menu bar item, you will no that the items on the drop down list are a bit limited. For example you can’t see signal strength or any other factors, if you have a choice of wireless networks this could be a problem. As a result you could install a piece of software to do this for you. There is a work around for this. For example the first image below show what the drop down list would normally look like.

But if you press Alt and then click the menu bar it will give you a lot of information about the network you are currently connected to. This is great. You can have all of this knowledge which you can use.

The first number in the list is you MAC address which the wireless network card is connected on. The channel, is you wireless channel, pretty standard. The RSSI is your signal strength. A perfect signal strength is 0. The lower this number the worse it is. As a result of lots of wall and metal my signal strength is pretty low. The final number is data transmit rate, this is problem in mbits per second although don’t quote me.

As a result of a quick button press you can get a lot more information, which should be included by default. Many people have commented on not being able to see this easily. It is there all along, like most Apple products these features are not very well advertised.

If you want to find information about networks you are not connect to, just press Alt again while clicking on the menu item and hover over any network. It will give you the RSSI and the encryption type is shown. You can then make a more informed decision to connect to any networks since you can easily find out the signal strength.

If you have any more tips or tricks, or just a general comment about his tip please leave one below. I know from now on that I will be using this tip every time I am at a wireless access point or want to find out some general information.

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