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Extracting Folder And Application Icons 0


Extracting Folder And Application Icons

Normally to extract an applications icon it involves a long method of view the contents of an application, navigating to the right folder and finding the correct image. You can’t even do that in some circumstances. But there is a very simple method of copy and pasting to get the image you want into a new document. You can then use this image in what ever you want. Very useful.

Play Better Games On Your iPod 5


Play Better Games On Your iPod

The games on iPods are, frankly, a bit boring. Thankfully some cleaver people have managed to put a small installation of linux onto an iPod but some top quality games on there. Some games include, doom, poker and a whole manner of other. Great fun if you have an old iPod and don’t mind hacking the software to bits.

Speeding Up Login 2


Speeding Up Login

If you have used your Mac for a long while it will take longer and longer to load. But there is some small house cleaning issues that you can take to get your Mac booting up quicker. It involves looking into the user settings and deleting any applications that open and run on boot.

Make Your Own Dock 7


Make Your Own Dock

It is very simple to make your own dock in Leopard. It involves only changing a couple of files. They don’t take long and the result can look really good. You just need to make sure that the files you change are the correct dimensions and file names. If you change the files and name them incorrectly you dock ends up flying all over the place, with it appearing a disappearing every time you move and hover over a file.

World Clock Screen Saver 2


World Clock Screen Saver

This is a very cool screen saver that displays the time. Not an ordinary clock, but every word used to represent the time in english. I really like and think it is pretty cool to watch and use. Different from the normal light effects you usually seen. Not very good though for those who have plasma or CRT monitors, you may face burn in.

Changing A Videos Thumbnail 3


Changing A Videos Thumbnail

If you have a very boring thumbnail for a video it can be quite hard to find that video while looking for it with coverflow. Like all things on a Mac it is very simple to change. All you need is your original image (or a second image) and a simple copy and paste in the right place. You can change that boring image into a very descriptive image which can make your video stand out.

Disabling CPU Cores On A Mac 3


Disabling CPU Cores On A Mac

If you are a developer of applications you may want to switch off CPU cores so that you see what happens to them if you are running your apps on a different system. Turning off CPU cores is a very simple but it does take a lot of finding and can be very temperamental, and not work. You may with this hack experience kernel panics and other problems. So your mileage may vary.

Giving TextEdit Root For Locked Files 3


Giving TextEdit Root For Locked Files

Once as you get to know your Mac and you are more confident in how it works, and what everything does, you may want to starting playing with the system files. Usually I strongly suggest you don’t play with any of them to be on the safe side. But every so often you may need to edit a certain file to achieve a specific task. For example if you are using the web server built into a Mac and you want to edit the httpd.conf file. Normally you would have to give yourself permission to edit the file, and then open up it up. Or you could use vim or pico, a Terminal file editing program. Both of these take a while to learn (especially vim and pico) or take a long time to implement (changing file permissions). What we want is the ability to give TextEdit root powers to edit these files, while still using the GUI of TextEdit. Its rather simple.

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