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Amazing iPhone Wallpapers


If you have an iPhone or an iTouch you know the how cool the design is. Thats why you bought it. What you need next is a really cool wallpaper to really show it off. Although you could use on of you kids, or friends, thats a bit boring. What you need is a well designed wallpaper to really show it off. Although there is hundreds of sites that offer iPhone “Wallpapers” these are really just resized images from other sources. What you need it a all paper designed for the screen size of an iPhone.

One of the best sites is Poolga. Its a random name but has some of the best wallpapers, ever. A lot better than the crud you get is you search through for sites in Google. Although the selection isn’t massive, they make it up in quality. I just wish some of the wallpapers with desktop size.

Check it out. Even if you don’t have an iPhone. My favorite is this one, so cheeky.

If you have any more good websites for iPhone websites wallpapers, please leave a comment below. I like good design.

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