April Round Up 0


April Round Up


This is another monthly roundup. This time for the month of April. This post is going to be quite short due to the fact that not a lot has been happening for one reason or another.


April was one of the quietest months, I vowed to remove the Adsense advertising from the majority of the site. This has been implemented. Instead a better advert has taken its place. This time linking to MUPromo. Instead of getting a random advert which doesn’t really give you much, it has been placed with great deals. Every day (excluding weekends, I think) a deal is up which gives you around 40% off a piece of software. This means that you get great discounts on pieces of software and I earn more. The Mac Update guys also did the Parallels bundle that was so awesome. I linked to the site, with my affiliate link, and I would like to say a big thanks to every one that bought the bundle, it has really helped out. The amount raised will be going towards new website hosting.

As mentioned previously this site is going to move. To WordPress. Currently I have developed a theme and learn’t most of the in’s and out’s of how it works. The theme is going to be based around the colour white, instead of black, and does look pretty cool. It still got a lot of the same features, but it has plenty more to boast. The transition will come out around June/July when exams and school are over.


May is, unfortunately, going to be a very slow time on this site. This is due to a large amount of exams that I have to pass. The exam period will take place over the next month and a bit. As a result postings will have to take a back seat. Posts will be available nearly every day and will be a decent length. They just wont be as long or as detailed as I would want them to be. Some days there may not be a posts due to a large work load.

Once as exam’s are over, the pressure will be off, and I will have a lot of free time to post. So expect after Friday the 13th of June posts to be back up to full strength (I do have an exam on Friday the 13th, lucky me). After this time expect loads of posts a day, and a new design.

By the way if anyone has any good recommendations to web site hosting, that can support a good number of visits a day please leave a link below. I have found a few but want some recommendations.

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