Burining A Disk Image (ISO & DMG) 11


Burining A Disk Image (ISO & DMG)


Burning disk images is either really simple (for the people in the know) or really quite difficult for people who are new to Mac or haven’t burnt an image before. This is understandable since earlier today I didn’t really know how to do it. Its no one of those things that is shown very frequently. Like most functions on a Mac its very simple.

The first thing you need is a disk image and a blank disk. I am going to work with a CD, but the principle the same with a DVD, its just larger. There are a couple of ways to go about this technique, but I am going to mention what I think is the simplest and the most fool proof way of getting it right. Like people say, make it fool proof, and people will find a better fool.

Once as you have inserted your disk a small pop up dialog box will appear. From the list select Disk Utility. Disk utility will be the application that will burn our image.

Once is is open click Burn from the tool bar. It will open a message box asking you to pick a file. You can then pick the file you want. I have used Ubuntu server addition, as I am going to play around with it later. You can also go from File > Open Disk Image to pick your file. I don’t no what happens if you open up two disk images, it may burn both to the same disk. I don’t no.

Once as the file is opened you will see something similar to the image below. To get more options click the down arrow. Check you burn options, such as speed and verification (recommended). Then click burn. It will set up you disk and burn the image.

Burning may take a while depending on the size. A CD size took about 20 minutes proximately. DVD’s will take a lot longer. The speed at which you are burning will also make a difference.

Once as a burn is complete, it will then mount the disk if you have chosen that option from earlier on. You can then use it, or save it for later.

Very simple to do, although it is quite hidden away. I didn’t know how to do it until earlier today. You can, of course, use something like Toast, but this application works perfectly well. There is probably simpler and different ways to achieve the same effect, if you know a cool way leave one in the comments.

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