Changing A Videos Thumbnail 3


Changing A Videos Thumbnail


Every so often you will come across a video that has a pretty rubbish thumbnail. Most of the time a video thumbnail in Quicklook will show the first frame. But you can easily change the thumbnail with only the couple of steps. For this example (which isn’t the best) I am going to use Experiment Of The Week, which is a great video if you want to subscribe.

The first step is to locate your file. If you set Quicklook in Finder you will see you video displayed with the thumbnail.

If you open up the video in QuickTime and select the frame you want. You can pick any frame you want. Then press Edit > Copy or Command + C. This will copy the frame to you clipboard.

The next step is to Get Info on you video file. Right click on the file and select Get Info. Then select the small thumbnail in the top left corner and press Copy and Paste.

This will paste the frame into the thumbnail of the video. It will then be used for every thumbnail shown. The quality of the thumbnail will depend on the image you chose. You can also images from other sources.

If you ever want to change it back. Press Get Info again select the thumbnail and press delete. It will then revert back to original thumbnail and you are done.

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