Extracting Folder And Application Icons 0


Extracting Folder And Application Icons


These is, I think, a really neat trick that I stumbled upon this evening. Every so often you may find a folder icon, that you want to use as a jpg, png etc. Its rather simple to do and sort of follows on from a post I did earlier this week. This is a lot easier if you want extract application icons, than opening up the application and finding the icon file.

The first step is to find the folder or application you want. Select Get Info from the right click menu and select the icon. This is shown in the image below.

Once as you have selected the icon. Press Command + C or go to Edit > Copy. This will copy the icon to the clipboard. Once as you have done this, open up preview and select File > New From Clipboard.

Your icon will then be pasted into the Preview window in its full resolution. You can then proceed to saving it, in any format, or do anything you want. This works for folders, applications etc. It works very well for those folder icons you download off the internet that are in “Mac” format, which are simply folders, and the icon in the folder.

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