Phun, 2D Physics Sandbox Released For Mac 0


Phun, 2D Physics Sandbox Released For Mac


Phun is my most favourite applications in the world. It’s the 2D physics sandbox that lets your really play around with physics in a fun way. For a long while it was only available on Windows (and I think Linux). People were always asking when it would be released on Mac, and that date is finally here.

If you head over to Phun (it might re-direct because of an error with the site) you can download the application. Open up the image and copy the application and supporting files into a new folder within your application. You can then run the application and start playing with Physics.

The application isn’t set out like a normal app. You don’t have any of the little bits and bobs in the menu bar. Instead everything is located within the window. Your blocks and located on the left. The world is located on screen, and the extra settings, such as play, are located at the top. You can find more information about how to work the program in the tutorial section.

As I have mentioned many times before, this is a really fun application, you will spend hours on end playing about with motors, blocks, gravity, water and many other things to see how they work and interact within each other. Its also a very good application, I think, to use within schools. You can use the video below to get an idea of how it works.

Download the program, and like the best things in life it is free, mess around and see what you can come up with. My favourite parts are playing with motors and firing things off into the distances. As well as this making things that resemble cars is also great fun.

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