Play Better Games On Your iPod 5


Play Better Games On Your iPod


Although you can play games on your iPod, they are pretty limited. As well as this, the ones you buy from iTunes are a bit pricey. Anyway, this tip is from Ethan. It is all about getting more games. It is done through the use of Linux.

If you head over iPod Linux, you can download the installer. It is pretty complicated although there are installers for Windows, Mac and Linux to help with the process. It is only supported fully for 1,2 and 3G iPods. The other iPods are in development.

Once as you have the installer you go and download modules for it. The modules range in there complexity and functions. But there are a lot of games which you can download for it. For example doom is a particular favourite.

It is fun. Very techie, so don’t use if you don’t no how things work. There are risks of screwing over your iPod, but a reformat usually clears things up. I like playing with it, you might do the same.

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