Quickly Edit iCal Event Titles 1


Quickly Edit iCal Event Titles


If you use iCal a lot you will find, after a while, that it will slowly grow with the amount of events that you have. As a result you may need to edit event titles to make sure everything is in check. Before you would have to double click on the event. Click edit from the popup menu and then edit you title.

The quicker way is to select the event you want, so that it is highlighted, and then press the enter or return key. The iCal event will then let you edit your title. Once as you have finished editing your title, you just click away and you are done. No more messing about.

You can also use this quick edit method within Finder. If you want to edit a title for a file or folder press the enter key. You can also do a slow double click to achieve the same effect. If you do want to open the file, you can’t do it with enter, press Command and the down key.

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