UsingMac – 101 Must Know Quick Leopard Tips 4


UsingMac – 101 Must Know Quick Leopard Tips


I found a rather cool site that you guys might be interested in. If you didn’t gather it from the title, its 101 Quick Leopard Tips. As the title may suggest it is all about quick Leopard tips that can improve your efficiency as well as being plain cool.

I know some of the tips are a bit basic. But for a new Mac user these tips can really offer an insight into speeding up how you work on your Mac, for example places to put useful shortcuts in your toolbar in Finder. Its just a simple case of drag and drop so explained in the post. My favourite tip, which I will be using from now on, is turning the screen on a MacBook black. Its a simple short cut Control + Shift + Eject.

Check it out and tell them (in the comments) what you think.

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