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Disable The Boot Up Sound 9


Disable The Boot Up Sound

Every time you boot up your Mac you hear the familiar boot up sound. But it does get annoying after a while. Disabling it is quite easy, all you have to do is mute your volume. But you have to remeber to do this every time before you shutdown. This is a pain. There are methods in which you can get around this. One uses a preference pane. The other involves creating files that run on boot up and shutdown.

Change The App A Camera Opens With 2


Change The App A Camera Opens With

If you read my last post on Time Lapse Movies With Quicktime, you will have noticed that you can use images taken from a camera. The one of the problems I faced for a long time and bugged my immensely was the applications that was opened when you connected a camera. After a lot of searching on my computer, I found the small applications that is hidden away which changes the settings. You may also be able to do it in iPhoto, Aperture etc, but this post is designed to cater for every one.

Create Stop Motion Animations In Quicktime 2


Create Stop Motion Animations In Quicktime

A while ago I mentioned about Gawker, the time lapse movie create which could take inputs from your video cameras or desktop and create them into a Time Lapse movie for you. I found that program really useful and interesting. But what about if you want to do it yourself. For example you have some image files taken from a normal camera and you want to string them into a movie. The answer is very simple and uses Quicktime.

The New Mac Tricks And Tips 3


The New Mac Tricks And Tips

After fiddlings around for what seems like an age I have finally updated and got the new design live. It has taken a long time to get here, with about 3 redesigns along the way. This post is going to mention what is new and what I expect to do in the future.Its been a fun journey so far, but the adventure is about to being.

The design features some new parts that enable me to increase the functionality of this site. Since blogger was restrictive, I decided to move. This site now features:About Page, Archive page, Categories Page, Contact Page, Downloads Page, Disclaimer Page and a Privacy Page. Plus a whole load of others pages.

View Every Shortcut Available In A Program 1


View Every Shortcut Available In A Program

I love short cuts. They make my life so much easier and much more efficient. Hence why they are called shortcuts. But learning shortcuts is hard. You can either read the documentation or go through every single menu options until you find something you need. Even better you can find them from me. One of the best applications I have found and has vastly become one of my favorites is KeyCue from ergonis. It is designed to show you every single shortcut available to you in your given program.

ExpanDrive – Put Remote Drives In Your Sidebar 2


ExpanDrive – Put Remote Drives In Your Sidebar

If you use ssh, or similar to log into a web server it can after a while get slightly annoying with the text only interface. Although you can install various apps and packages to make it look more pretty, sometimes you just need a good GUI, especially if you are a new user and not particularly confident with the terminal interface. I have been wanting to review this application for ages, but haven’t had the chance since I didn’t have a remote server to test it with.

How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow 0


How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow

Yesterday I was messing around with Apple Script and I couldn’t for the life of me make a simple work flow that would backup certain files to a network hard drive. Out of frustration I turned to Automator. Realizing what a fool I was I managed to make a simple backup work flow within a couple of minutes, after spending hours in Apple Script. This post is going to show you how to make a simple backup work flow to copy across files to a seperate disk. Although you could use Time Machine this is designed for specific files and if you only want to back up one file.

Disable Your Network Connections 1


Disable Your Network Connections

A while ago I mentioned Freedom, the application to stop your network connections so you can get on with more work done. Well, I have been doing a lot of digging and found the Terminal command that does the entire step for you. Its obviously more manual but it gives you an insight into how ifconfig, the tool used, works.

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