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Bokeh – Freeze Applications


This little program is quite a gem for anyone who does a lot of CPU intensive work and wants every single cycle available for use. Its called Bokeh, and is designed to pause applications from using running. It doesn’t pause system processes only the ones you open.

Its a simple download and runs from the menu bar. If you click on any application from the list it will be paused. It is still open and in memory but it isn’t allowed to run any code. This is similar to closing the application but it enables you to keeping the program open so you can quickly use it again.

Probably the best feature of this program is the focus on feature. It is designed to pause every application except the one your are running. For example if you are running a video render you can pause everything except the video program. This means it can get the best out of your CPU. It also has the cool blurred effect as shown below.

It is simple, cheap as well. It only cost $17, but I can’t find anything on the site which mentions what happens if you don’t pay for it. I’ll probably stumble upon it soon enough. It is probably only useful for people who really need the processing power.

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