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Build Lego Creations On Your Mac


As a kid, I used to play with Lego and K’nex. Building and creating creations was great fun. I was always amazed how they created the instruction booklets. How detailed the designers were. Well, some people at Lego have created Lego Digital Designer, the digital version of Lego which you can use to design, create and build you own Lego masterpieces all on you Mac (and Windows).

Once as you have downloaded the package and gone through the funny installer package, you get to the design screen. Nearly everything is done in this design screen. Imagine a CAD/CAM design package but with everything much simpler, as well as this bricks snap together so simply, there is no fiddling.

It includes 3 sections, normal Lego, Mindstorms, and Creator. I’m not sure what the differences are within the application but it must focus in the different types of bricks and building styles. According to the website there are over 763 different types of bricks avalible, many different colours style and type. Each easily snap into each other within your designs.

Probably one of the best things about this application is the abilty to generate build guides for your models. So once as you have designed your model you can generate a step by step build guide in which you can print or export as a PDF. It creates the same style guides as the one you see in the packs you buy. Another cool little feature is the abilty to price up your models. Probably a way for LEGO to make money.

Anyway, try the application if you like LEGO. See if you can build the 4,000 piece Death Star, it would probably crash the application.

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