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Create Stop Motion Animations In Quicktime


A while ago I mentioned about Gawker, the time lapse movie create which could take inputs from your video cameras or desktop and create them into a Time Lapse movie for you. I found that program really useful and interesting. But what about if you want to do it yourself. For example you have some image files taken from a normal camera and you want to string them into a movie. The answer is very simple and uses Quicktime.

Once you have your images. For example taken with a normal camera, or from an external source, you need to put them into a folder all by themselves. This is because when you select the first image, it can import every image in that folder. For example if you have images 0 to 100 and you want only images 50 to 100 you would, naturally, select image 50 and press open. But it doesn’t seem to work like that. Hence thats why you put them in a new folder.

Once as you press open you will be presented with an option. This is the speed at which the video plays.

Frames Per Second For An Image Sequence In Quicktime

Select the one which is most appropiate for your needs. One frame per second is very slow. Sixty frames per second is (I think) the speed of high def movies, so very fast. 24-25 is the speed at which a normal video plays.

A couple of seconds later depending on the size and the amount of videos you have the video should pop up. You can now play it and view your time lapse movie in all its glory. As a side note (which I should have mentioned before). I recommended you take videos at a low resolution. Since a 10 mega pixel camera, will generate 3000×3000 pixel images, and this will kill your processor. It is super high definition. Amazing to look at but will need a super computer to view.

If think the movie is playing to fast or to slow, simply close the video without saving and re import the images. Once as you are ready to export go to File > Export. Select something like iPod. This will compress the images down to a small size and export them as a video. You can then upload it to Youtube or your favourite video sharing site. You could also use the Export To Web Setting, which will achieve the same result.

This sort of set up is great if you want to make a time lapse movie of your kids growing up. You slowing aging. For simply a trip in the car. All you need is to set up your camera get it to auto fire. The processing part at the end is the simple stage, taking your pictures is harder.

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