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Every day MacUpdate release a new piece of software at a discounted price. For a while I have wanted to talk about some of the software that has come up, but a decent one has never turned up till today. Email Backup Pro, is ones of those pieces of software that is really cheap and really good. A combination that never seems to appear on the internet.

As it says on the tin, Email Backup Pro, is designed to backup your email. It is really simple and focused, it doesn’t contain any extra bits that get in the way of the core of the program. You select you email client, there are quite a few on the list so it seems most are supported. The destination can be any location you want on your disk, or an external drive. Then you set all of the backup settings, such as time, frequency and the extra settings such as backing up address contacts.

You then press save and let it run. I’m not sure if you can close the application or keep it open, since the trial only lets you run it manually. You have to make sure that you save the settings before you allow it run, otherwise it may not run properly.

As with most back up software, you need to restore the backups. All backups are stored in a compressed .ebp format. The built in backup manager lets you view previous backups and quickly restore them.

This sort of software isn’t like Time Machine and is not a pick and choose email backup. It is designed as an off site system, to backup every single email you have. A more “professional” solution. Its very useful for people who have a lot of sensitive email that they want backup and don’t have the advantage of storing it on a web server. It is currently priced on MacUpdate at $5.95 from $9.95. Which is a real bargin.

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