Find Out Why Firefox Crashes 19


Find Out Why Firefox Crashes


I like using Firefox. I think, for my tastes, it is better than Safari. But there is a few quirks. For example, it does crash quite a lot. This can be a problem. You don’t want a crashing browsers. There is a solution that can help, thats simple and easy to do. It does take a while, but I found it solved the crashing problem.

The solution is to remove plugins. Over time you end up with more and more plugins. This results in Firefox becoming bloated and slow. It is also the culprit of random crashes. With all this code running there is bound to be conflicts. To find the plugin that is causing the problem. Go to Tools > Add-On’s. From this list, it will show every plugin that is currently loaded.

To find the problem plugin, disable every single one. Also uninstall all of the ones you don’t need. The more plugin’s you have the slow Firefox is. Once as you have disabled every single one restarted Firefox, and start one at a time. Surf the web, if it survives enable the next one. So on and so forth.

You may find the application that crash. If so you can disable it or update it. If you don’t find it, something else might be to blame. I found through this method problem plugin’s as a result I uninstalled it.

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