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Gawker – Create Time Lapse Movies


This is a rather cool applications that can help any one who wants to make time lapse movies. Time lapse movies, for the uninformed, are movies where a frame is take every X seconds. As a result when the film is played back to 24 frames a seconds it is sped up. As a result you can create a very fast movie without having to kill 23 frames a second (assuming one a second) in a video processing application.

This very small, and free, app called gawker, does just that. Create time lapse videos quickly and easily. Once as you have downloaded the application, and installed it, you are ready to go. You can then chose a video source. Your desktop (which is very cool) or an external camera such as an iSight. I think, and I haven’t tested this, you can record second screens or more than one camera. Edit: On further investigation it seems you can’t record more than one camera at a time. This might be my fault, with a broken camera (since my web cam didn’t show up), or a limitation of the software. Recording more than one screen involves having the Gawker application on the screen you want to record.

From the image below, you pick your video source. Press record, set your variables such as video size, number of frames and you are ready to go. It then starts recording and outputting your images to a video file. The size of your file will vary depending on how many frames you want to take and how long you take it. You can record more than one video source at a time. So you can hook up many web cams and set it to record movements in your house.

There are a couple of niggles. It does use up quite a bit of CPU if you have high settings, and there is no pause button, which would be very useful. But you can’t beat free. You can download the source code if you want to add to the project and make it better. Overall it is a very good application and does have a lot of features. Surprising the video is very smooth and isn’t jerky as you would expect. In the mean time I am going to have a play around with it and see what I can do. I feel arty.

Extra Bonus: The video below is a quick test of me using gawker when righting this post. Set at a frame every 3 seconds and at the smallest video setting. It comes out ok, and was only 2.8mb for the equivalent of about 10 minutes. Using the same factor it is only 800mb for a whole day (2.8 * 12 * 24). For a 14 day holiday thats 11Gb roughly, saying you need 5 cameras (if it works with 5 cameras) around your house thats 55Gb worth of data. Which isn’t bad for the security of your home, unless your mac gets stolen.

gawker-in-use (Video temporarily removed while I sort things out)

This sort of video I find is really fun to play with. The best ones are time lapses of Photoshop’s being made. Before you would have to record your desktop with iShowU which ends up with a massive file and sucking up your CPU. This sort of program is ideal.

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