How To Use Your Mac Outside 3


How To Use Your Mac Outside


If anyone who has a laptop has worked outside in the bright sun it can be very hard to see the screen. All of the colours seem blurred and washed out and you can’t see anything on the screen. You can try all you like to adjust the brightness but it does make it very hard to see things. What you need is to change the screen contrast so you can really see the differences between the text. This application which I am going to talk about is called Nocturne.

Once as you download the app, from the makers of Quicksilver, it runs within the menu bar. There is a simple button to switch from night to day. This button activates the black and white setting of the screen. As a result this enables you to really see your screen. It does work.

There are quite a few settings which you can use to adjust how you screen looks. I was going to show a full screen shot at this point but it doesn’t look very good in the screen shot. Anyway, you can adjust the brightness, disabling shadows, as well as making it so it is fully monochrome. A very good little application that I will be using more of when I am outside.

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