iArchiver – A Better Way To Handle Archives 1


iArchiver – A Better Way To Handle Archives


If you send a lot of files about the place, archiving files saves a lot of space and time. By compressing files you can save space and not need to upload massive ones. Compression software, by default, on the Mac isn’t the best in the world. You are only limited to saving files as zip. Every so often you may want to save it as something else such as a tarball file or similar. This post is going to be about an application that I have been using more and more often. Its called iArchiver.

The program is split up into three sections, create extract and convert. And they do what they say on the tin. Using the create section you can create your archives you want. It is similar to how you would normally do it. You select the files you want to add them to the list in the second half of the program. You then hit create archive, select a save location and it whirs and bit and you are done. You can create a whole load of files including zip, dmg, tar and my favourite cpio, which always reminds me of Star Wars.

Extract works how you imagine. You drag and drop the archive onto the square and it automatically shows you the files in that archive. You can then pick and choose the files you want to extract by dragging them to your desired location. The final section being convert, which convert one archive into another. Although probably not that useful unless a certain application only accepts certain types of files.

This little application costs $26 which is a real bargin, it is a lot cheaper that some of the competitors I have seen. You get a good app that can create archives the way you want. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t do rar. It is one of the only applications I have bought in a long while. You can head over to the site and download it. Purchasing is done conveniantly through the application.

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