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I’m starting to like Twitter. Its kind of fun, and a good way to keep up to date. I have a Mac Tricks And Tips Twitter feed, if you want to keep upto date with the latest posts, news and updates. I will probably be using it a lot over the next couple of days as this site is updated. Anyway, I have been playing around with a couple of AppleScripts that are really fun. They are designed to post your current iTunes track to Twitter. The potential to run up hundreds of tweets is bound to happen.

From my searching I have found two good AppleScripts, one that is more advance and for me never works and a second that is more manual but seems to work. I’m not an AppleScript genius so I couldn’t work out for the life of me what the problem was. These two scripts are Leroux’s and Twi Tunes.

Leroux’s personally seems a lot better. It automatically updates you Twitter account with the latest tune and then automatically refreshes it every couple of minutes. The problem is that it doesn’t work, there may have been a small problem between me copying the data across and compling it. I’ve gone through but no luck.

The second, TwiTunes, does work and is surprisingly simple. You download the script and place it in /Users/name/Library/iTunes/Scripts. You may need to create the folder scripts. It then, once as you click on it from the script icon in the menu bar, run, upload your tweet and finish. It does take your Safari keychain password so it is one more added step, as well as this it also does display a lot of messages, which does get annoying.

Overall these two scripts seem half way there. I would rather take basic functionality over no functionality. I might take a hack at it tomorrow and see what I come up with. Tell me what you think of these sort of scripts. I know there is a lot for Quicksilver and Twitter, but i’m not to keen on QuickSilver, not my sort of application.

Edit: Leroux’s Apple Script does work. After kindly putting a download of the script and editing for myself it does what it says on the tin. I think it was down to a slight copy and pasting error with the extra space added here and there, as well as being impatient on my part. I did see the 3 minute time out in the code, although I didn’t really think about it. Check it out and annoy your friends with constant tweets of “great” and “up to date” music, as is the case with myself.

If you want to find out a bit more about Twitter and want to read a good book I recommend these two on Amazon, Twitter For Dummies and Twitter Means Business. Both are good books and I recommend you check them out.

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