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Leopard Security Guide


I must have missed the memo when this one was released. A while ago Apple released their security guide for Leopard and its a whopper. Racking in at over 240 pages it contains 13 chapters of security for your computer. Not every piece in the guide is designed for the new user, there is definitely some complex stuff in this PDF.

There isn’t a dedicated download page for this ebook. It is just a straight download from here. Once as you have downloaded the file you will notice it is split up into installation, hardware, accounts, data encryption, applications and other services. Many of the latter chapters are so in-depth that unless you are a system admin or are really worried about security you wouldn’t need to use.

Have a look at it. I am going to read it over the next couple of days, see if I can pick anything interesting out of it. One of my favourite sections is the checklist at the back. It would have been very useful to me in my coursework. Security is always important even on a Mac.

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