May Roundup 0


May Roundup


Its the first of the month. Time for the monthly round up. This month was very slow. But fun none the less.


May sort of went by without much action. This is due to the exam season at school being well under way. As a result this blog has taken a bit of a back seat. Hence the sporadic posts that happen. Come June 14th, exams are over, summer will be here and a lot more will be happening. One of the biggest change to this blog was the switch around in advertising, which isn’t much. The best thing is that custom adverts which are availble to you have been placed in the sidebar. They are dealt by BuySellAds, which controls the whole purchasing process. An advert buy the way is $40 for 100k views. Bargin.


As previously mentioned, exams are right under way. It is currently the crunch point. A lot of revision is in order. But they will be over on June the 14th. The WordPress design is currently in the last stages of polishing off. Little bits are being sorted and making sure it is compatible and works. What I would like to ask, does any one know or have a good VPS hosting? If you do leave a comment.

Plans for the end of June include more posts (since I don’t have anything to do). This includes news, reviews and more tips. I plan on increasing the number of posts to about 5 a day during this period, great news.

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