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Print Envelopes From Address Book


This little tip that I will show you today is rather cool. If any one has used Word it is a little difficult to print a envelope. Although there are preset settings, you have to do a lot of manual work. But if you have all of your addresses in Address Book, making a printing envelopes has suddenly become a lot easier. Thanks to a setting hidden away in the print dialog box.

If you open up Address Book from Applications you have your default view of contacts. To create an envelope select the contacts you want to send to. Most of the process is automatic. As a side note it will only generate envelopes that have addresses, but you can select them anyway. The next step is to go File > Print. Click on the down arrow by you printer to access the extra settings.

From here you can proceed to change the envelope under layout, what is included under the label section and the orientation under Orientation. There are a couple of points which I would like to bring up. You can add you own image to the envelope. This is very cool if you have a company logo and want to place this on the envelope. As well as this the font section at the bottom of Label is very important is you have a massive envelope. This includes the font size which you can use to make your text larger or smaller.

A very useful option which you can use to quickly make envelopes which from my experience is a lot quicker than using Word. You can also access to other features including mailing labels and a Pocket Address book.

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