Simple Benchmarking Software For Your Mac 1


Simple Benchmarking Software For Your Mac


If you bought a new computer, or a looking to buy a new computer, you will probably want to know how fast it runs. This process is called benchmarking. Although there are a lot of benchmarking software for Windows, for example 3DMark, there isn’t many good ones for the Mac platform. But there is a gem I have uncovered that works perfectly well and best of all reasonably priced.

Its called Geekbench, and is a very simple program that is designed to test out your computer specs. It is also available in Windows and Linux versions for an added bonus. Overall it is very simple to use. You just download the application, pick the CPU version you want to run, for example 32bit, 64bit or PowerPC, and then let it run. It doesn’t take very long.

Once as you have finished the test you will be presented with your results and an overall score. Mine topped out at around 2700. Power Macs and the like, from the community website, have achieved scores of 13000. My computer has some way to go.

It does mention that the program works best when it is the only program running. One cool application that I mentioned recently is Bokeh, that should push up your score by a couple of points and would probably complement this app well.

Its by no means and industrial benchmarking tool, but it is fun to use if you build and upgrade Macs and you want to see the difference between the updates. As a personal user, who doesn’t upgrade very often, the $20 asking price is probably a bit to much.

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