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Terminal Help Pages


After you get to use Terminal more and more you will come across commands that you don’t know what they do. Instead of searching the internet you can find help pages right in Terminal. It works with every command that you can use within Terminal.

If you open a Terminal window and type the following you can access the online help pages.

man [command]

This will then load from the internet the web page and display it in the Terminal window.

You can then use the up and down arrows to cycle through the document. Space bar to move a whole page up. Finally q to quit the page and return to the main Terminal window.

Admittedly these are not help pages for finding out how to implement a command or how to use it specifically, but it does help to find how the syntax of a command works, the order, and what is needed. It also offers some handy hints to enable you to remove or add more information when the command is finished. Try it on a command you use a lot and see if you find anything new. I know use it a lot and it really helps in a new Terminal window.

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