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The New Mac Tricks And Tips


After fiddlings around for what seems like an age I have finally updated and got the new design live. It has taken a long time to get here, with about 3 redesigns along the way. This post is going to mention what is new and what I expect to do in the future.Its been a fun journey so far, but the adventure is about to being.

The design features some new parts that enable me to increase the functionality of this site. Since blogger was restrictive, I decided to move. This site now features:About Page, Archive page, Categories Page, Contact Page, Disclaimer Page and a Privacy Page. Plus a whole load of others pages.

Over the last couple of days I have loads of problems. There have been problems with setting up the server its self. Over the last couple of hours there have been numerous problems with the domain, which have been really annoying.

One of the new features, which I would like to tout is the new Contact page. No longer do you have to email me directly you can use the contact form. It will enable quicker communiction.

In the future, I should be back up to full speed with posts. I have made the RSS feed longer so you shouldn’t miss out. By the way if you are on RSS and you are seeing duplicate items, there is a slight problem with Feedburner. You can either ride it out, and it will eventually clear. Or you can delete your feed and re-subscribe.

If you have any questions, suggestions etc. Please leave a comment below or contact me. In the mean time I am going to continue to trouble shoot all of the 404 errors that are turning up.

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