Versions – A Subversion Client Application 4


Versions – A Subversion Client Application


If you cast your mind back to a couple of days ago I wrote a small post about using subversion. It was just a skim of the surface about subversion. Anyway, I randomly stumbled across Versions, a client application for subversion. From the face of it I was rather impressed.

Similar to a lot of Mac clients it has the same design feel. All of the buttons are obvious in what they do and it is well presented. For a subversion noob user like my self, I got it working within a minute. The only problem I had was typing the URL correctly, although that was a problem with the person between the chair and the keyboard.

As I have said before the design and layout of the program makes it very simple to work with. The “advance” options such as comparing differences, and other features work very well, and have hundreds of options to work with. The time line option is very useful in viewing how a file or project is progressing.

The only problem I have with this application is that it is quite slow in downloading file names from servers. This could be due to my internet connection or the server I was accessing. It wasn’t in comparison as quick as Terminal.

A good application if you use subversion a lot and want a graphical application to use. Download it, set up your own subversion server and play with the features. I would recommend this to anyone, even though I haven’t used it that extensively. If you are interested in subversion and want to find more information check out this article, that was left by a commenter, which gives more information about this subject.

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