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View Every Shortcut Available In A Program


I love short cuts. They make my life so much easier and much more efficient. Hence why they are called shortcuts. But learning shortcuts is hard. You can either read the documentation or go through every single menu options until you find something you need. Even better you can find them from me. One of the best applications I have found and has vastly become one of my favorites is KeyCue from ergonis. It is designed to show you every single shortcut available to you in your given program.

Once as you have downloaded, installed and ran the program it should run immediately. It is activated by using the command key and depending on how you set it up during start up the pane should either popup immediately or after 2 seconds. If you want to look at the settings simply double click the icon in the applications folder or where ever you saved it to. It doesn’t have a dock or menu bar item so there is no alternate method to find it by.

As stated previously the pane pops up in any application you are in to show you the shortcuts for that application. It is quite difficult to explain but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. The only problem is that for some applications it doesn’t come up first time. This is probably due to the applications having to look through the app using the Universal Settings that is built into a Mac.

It works really well in my opinion and you can click on any of the items in the window to activate that short cut. Applications such as TextEdit have a massive amount of shortcuts, I only seem to use about 2. On the other hand apps like Photoshop seems to produce very little, although Photoshop is set up so you can configure them yourself.

This applications does cost 20 Euros, and the app does run in trail mode before you buy. Although it isn’t very clear what happens in trial mode, and there is no visable incentive to purchase. Anyway I will see what happens. A must have if you want to speed up your workflow.

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