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Changes – View Changes Between Files 2


Changes – View Changes Between Files

If you do a lot of work with any type of text file you tend to find you end up with similar files. Although you can date them, andorganise them or use subversion to keep them in check. How ever you organise your files you usually end up wondering what the difference between files and folders really is. You could look through the document but that wouldn’t be veryefficient. There is a cool little application called Changes that is designed to show you the differences between text documents.

View Terminal Help Pages Online 2


View Terminal Help Pages Online

A while ago I mentioned about finding help pages in Terminal. Where by using the “man” command plus the name of the Terminal program you want to find out about you can view its information. What actually happens is Terminal goes onto theInternet and finds the help page online. Since it is going online why don’t you surf the site directly?

Paintbrush – Paint For The Mac 12


Paintbrush – Paint For The Mac

If you have every used a Windows machine you will know of paint. The best drawing tool for the PC. On a Mac we are not so lucky and don’t come which such as an application. But some clever person has made a Cocoa-based paint program for Mac OS X. Its called Paintbrush. If you are a graphic designer on a Mac it is the only program you will ever need. You won’t need Photoshop after you have used this application.

How To Use Login Items 1


How To Use Login Items

Every time you Mac logs in it will run any item in your login items list. This post will explain about the login item interface and how you can use it for your advantage. For example I use the login item interface to run start up scripts, connect to remote disks and generally make life that bit easier. There is one problem with adding items to your login. The more applications and scripts you add the long it will take for your computer to start up and be ready for use.

I’ll Be Back – In Two Weeks 4


I’ll Be Back – In Two Weeks

In the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll Be Back”. If you haven’t been following my Twitter feed lately I am going to disembark from the United Kingdom and go on a two week holiday. I’ve been waiting for this holiday for a long time.

Cool iPhone Icon Sets 2


Cool iPhone Icon Sets

Sort of following on from a previous post about a cool Mac icon set. This post is about 35 free set for your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone at the moment so I can’t test them out. But I do know what looks good. Some of those designs are very cool. Its been a very design centric day. This post is very similar.

Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection) 7


Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection)

In a previous post about a great Mac wallpaper some one asked about compiling a list of great wallpapers for the Mac. I like good wallpapers. Some pieces of art are amazing and are definitely worth being adorned on your desktop. This post is not going to go through a list specific wallpapers, as peoples tastes vary, as well as this it would probably kill my bandwidth. I am going to link to collections which you should check out and every so often cite good examples. As always if you have a good site or wallpaper please leave a comment.

Dashcode Tips And Tricks 3


Dashcode Tips And Tricks

I’ve been using Dashcode more and more over the last couple of days, I have really taken the ball and ran with it. I have learnt lots of little tricks and tips that I want to share with you. Developing a widget for the Dashboard can range from the very simple to the very hard. If you use the pre-built templates you can get a new widget up and running in a couple of seconds. You can then advance your skills to make it more accustomed to your site. You can then take it even further adding in more features. The more features you add, the more complex your widget becomes and the hard it is to code, but the better the result. I am by know means a good widget coder. But theses tips are designed to help a new user make their widget that bit more unique.

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