Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection) 7


Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection)


In a previous post about a great Mac wallpaper some one asked about compiling a list of great wallpapers for the Mac. I like good wallpapers. Some pieces of art are amazing and are definitely worth being adorned on your desktop. This post is not going to go through a list specific wallpapers, as peoples tastes vary, as well as this it would probably kill my bandwidth. I am going to link to collections which you should check out and every so often cite good examples. As always if you have a good site or wallpaper please leave a comment.


I love DeviantART it has so many good collections of art. Quite a few of my favourite wallpapers have come from here. If you check out the Apple Wallpaper section you can view some of the good designs people have submitted. I found the wallpaper in the previous post from here. If you use the controls in the top right of the main body of the content you can control how many you see. One of my new favourites is shown below.


Flickr is massive. Once you get past all of the pictures of people dogs and cats you can find some good wallpapers. One such examples are the Designer Wallpapers Pool and Wallpapers And Backgrounds. You do have to do a lot of searching, but there are some good gems hidden away.

As well as wallpapers there is another program that I should point out. This is FlickrSavr. It is a screen saver that download images from your account or other groups and displays them in a funky fashion as your screen saver. It is interesting to watch although it can be a bit of a bandwidth hog.


What is it with design sites shouting the last part of there name at me. Anyway, InterfaceLIFT is similar to DeviantART. It hosts really good wallpapers and designs. If you check out the wallpapers section you can find and download some wallpapers. One of the interesting features of InterfaceLIFT is the ability to pick you size. Very useful for people with large monitors. It doesn’t take long to find a good wallpaper to adorn your desktop.


Although not a website dedicated to hosting wallpapers it has found a good list of some amazing Mac wallpapers. There is three sets Apple related One And Two. As well as this it also offers some really interesting iPhone wallpapers. A good list to check out. The only problem I find with the list they have created is that they some times doesn’t cite there authors. I like checking out the back story of where the wallpaper has come from and how it has been designed.

Mac Wallpapers

Another top wallpaper site, Mac Wallpapers. Like most wallpaper sites you have to look through the site to find some good ones to keep. They vary in quality. Some are really good like the image below.


This isn’t a Mac wallpaper site exactly, but it does have some an application that is designed to download wallpapers to your computer and rotate them automatically. This is free software. Some of the wallpapers I wish you could download with out having to install the software. Desktopia.


Similar to desktopia, Renew goes a long the same lines. You download the software, install it. It will then run, download wallpapers and automatically display them on your desktop. This costs $20, so you may want to try out Desktoptopia first.

If you know of any more wallpaper sites or good wallpapers people leave a comment below. I would love to hear your opinions.

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