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Competitions Winners


If you cast you mind back, over two weeks ago I did two competitions for Sugar Sync and Pages Templates.The competition closed last night. But due to time constraints I was unable to pick a winner and write a post. But, now is the lucky time for a couple of winners to receive some prizes. I wont be giving them out directly, I will forward your emails on to the companies who own the product and they will send you your prize.

Sugar Sync

This competition, slightly harder out of the two, involved writing a comment about how you would use this product. I have chosen comment numbers:

  • 3, John Mahlman
  • 4, Marco Deyasi
  • 9, Maria Valente

I will forward your emails address onto Sugar Sync and they will upgrade your account. On a similar note Sugar Sync have released a new feature which enables you to send large files anywhere. If you are still using there service that would be a welcome addition to their feature set.

Pages Templates

The pages templates competition was a lot for you to enter. All you had to do was leave a comment and I would pick your name at random. Every time I think of random numbers I always think of this cartoon. Anyway using the sequence generator from the winners are:

  • 5, Brian Fleming
  • 13, Tim
  • 41, johndbritton

Well done to those who didn’t win, hopefully you will have more luck in competitions in the future. If any one has any products they want to promote through competitions on Mac Tricks And Tips please contact me.

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