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Delicious Library 2


Quite a while ago I reviewed Delicious Library. It is one of my favorite apps for the Mac and it really shows how powerful a Mac can be. Well, Delicious Library 2 has been released, again a while ago. This is going to be a comparison and review post from the previous application.

The application has had a face lift. It looks more polished and contains more features. For example you can now add items which are not books, movies, games or music. It includes Toys, Gadgets, Tools and Apparel.

Delicious Library Import Window

It has changed from the previous. Instead off inserting an ISBN number of serial bar code, you can only search. Although amazon search is very extensive and does contain the majority of the items your will probably add, it isn’t as fluid as entering and ISBN number where it will find the book straight away.

Delicious Library iSight barcode scanner

One of the biggest improvements is the iSight bar code scanner. The previous version was good, but would not scan you item every time. The new version is a lot more accurate. By using handy guides, which are the green squares it will recognise the book in no time at all, you can scan them quicker. Having said that, it did faulter and a couple of books that were damaged and were not in the best of condition.

It also sports fancy fire and water filling effects when a book is added. Also, for the student inside you, there is an export option which you can use to create bibliographies, for thesis and other projects. But that does mean you have to scan in the item first.

It is a good program and is rated one of the best. For a continuation from the previous version this one does have more features, more effects and is generally easier to use. It also has more ways to export and view your library in external applications so you can keep track of all your merchandise. It is probably very useful if you are doing an insurance audit and you want to know what you have in your house and the total value. This can be achieved by ticking the value boxes during the export stage and using the addition formula in Excel.

This product does cost $40 if you are purchasing it new or $20 for the upgrade.

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