Find Key Codes For Your Mac Keyboard 0


Find Key Codes For Your Mac Keyboard


If you are into Apple Scripting or just anything on a Mac that involves pressing keys you may need keycodes. Key codes are the decimal numeric number that matches a key on your keyboard. For example the letter “j” is keycode 38.Every letter I type the key code numbers (usually in hex-decimal) is being sent through my computer in various places. This post is going to show you a good little application that can show you the key code for the key your are pressing.

Head over to this site, and download the full key codes application. It is a very simple free application. Once as you duzi (download, unzip, install) the app you will be presented with something that looks like the following.

It may take a couple of key presses to get going. In the top left in black writing it the ASCII key number. So you can look it up in an ASCII code chart. In the green is hexidecimal key code. In the blue is the binary key code. The binary keycode is usually used for most applications. You can use the modifier keys, command, ctrl, shift and option to access more keys and commands.

Hopefully this little tips was useful to up. It was to me in my mini application I was making.

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