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Generate Passwords From The Menu Bar


If you cast your mind back to early this morning (can you cast that far, a long time isn’t it?) you will remember that I mentioned password generation in Keychain. Particularly how you should generate long and secure passwords using the built in manager. Most of the time though you wont be using keychain, and as a result you may want to generate some secure passwords quickly and easily. Just out of chance I stumbled across a very small application that can do just that. Its called QuickPass.

Once as you have download, unzipped and installed the application (the usual routine which has no name) you need to run the application. It wont produce any app icon in the dock or have any visible window. It runs entirely from the menu bar, which means it is always accessible.

Quickpass password generator from the menu bar

The password section is split up into two sections, “memorable/pronounceable” passwords and random passwords. The length and character settings can be controlled within the preferences section. As well as this the number of passwords in each section. Currently there is a couple of limitations such as you can only have a maximum of 15 characters per password, although you could string two passwords together for increased length.

It is very cool little app to have. There is a check box in the preferences pane so you start the app at login. As one final note, any password that you do click on is copied to the clipboard for further use. Found that out the hard way.

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