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Good Mac Wallpapers


I love adorning my desktop with good wallpapers. A good piece of art is always welcome. After browsing deviantArt i’ve come across a good wallpaper which I would like to share with you. It is also rather simple to recreate yourself. The wallpaper in question is called Addictive. It is a collection of Mac desktop icons, simple but effective. The preview is shown below. Click through to the site for the full size version.

To do a simple wallpaper like this. Open up you favourite image editor, GIMP, Photoshop for example. Set the background to black. Open up your applications folder and Get Info of the application you want to use. Select the icon in the top left and copy it to the clipboard. Open up Preview and select File > New From Clipboard. This will paste the icon into the preview window. You can then save it out as a png and open it in the image editor of your choice. You can then manipulate it how you please.

The reason you have to do this is due to the way your Mac handles image files copied from the Get Info, normally if you paste them into Photoshop they will be small and the incorrect size. But Preview is smart enough to recognise where it has come from and use the the fullsize image.

You can create some good looking wallpapers. I find the image above to be really good and interesting. It is simple yet effective.

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