Happy iCal Day 5


Happy iCal Day


If your an Apple Geek today is a very special day. Happy iCal day. Today is July 17th, which means that the date on iCals dates is the same as today. On July 17, 2002 iCal was born (hence the date on its icon). As a result every year, Apple Geeks celebrate this programs birthday. Its 6 years old, the trouble some toddler stages have passed and its on to its young life as a youngster. Don’t they grow up fast.

Although it is a bit sad, I love iCal. It boasts some of the best features for an calender program. For example it works with pretty much every Apple application, enables you to easily add, remove and change calenders with a couple of clicks. As well as this teamed up with the iCal server in the Mac Server Pack you can easily share and see other people calenders quickly and easily.

If you are in the party mood. You can download and make your own iCal party hat. It clearly shows how geeky and sad you really are.

If it is your birthday please leave a comment below. You have a 1 in 365/6 chance of being on the same birth date so the chances are likely that one of you readers has the same birthday.

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