How To Use Login Items 1


How To Use Login Items


Every time you Mac logs in it will run any item in your login items list. This post will explain about the login item interface and how you can use it for your advantage. For example I use the login item interface to run start up scripts, connect to remote disks and generally make life that bit easier. There is one problem with adding items to your login. The more applications and scripts you add the long it will take for your computer to start up and be ready for use.

To access login items open System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.

You can add items to the menu by the plus icon in the bottom. You can add scripts, programs, folders pretty much anything you want. You can delete them by either clicking the minus arrow or pressing delete.

There is on point that I should mention. Everytime you launch the scripts etc they will be shown on screen. This can be a problem as I can clutter up your screen and get messy very quickly. To get around this if you press the hide checkbox, you can hide the window. This is useful if you are connecting to remote disks. Normally it would show the disk in a new window. If you hide it it can disappear.

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