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Increase The Type Of Flags In Mail


I use Mail a lot. Mixed with a compulsion to keep everything tidy and organised I end up using a lot of flags, folders and other organisational tools within Mail to make sure I know where everything is and it is in the right place. This little application that I am going to talk about today is called Flagit. It is a small program/plugin for Mail that enables you to add more than one type of flag to your inbox as well as a couple of other features.

This little programs works slightly differently from normal programs that you may encounter. Since Mail doesn’t have a natural API and plugin interface Flagit has to high jack your computer slightly to install its self. It doesn’t do any harm, it just has to write a couple of files to system places. As a result it uses a package installer compared to a normal drag and drop. You also have to use your admin password to install the file.

Once you have gone through the installation process and restarted Mail, upon right clicking on any message and selecting “Mark” you will be give a set of options to expand your options for organising the type of flags you can assign to a message.

In the default install you can add 4 different types of flags as well as the normal flag supplied by Mail. You can customize the colours and messages associated with each flag within the Customize section. As well as this you can also mark messages using Flagit as questions or as important messages.

All of these flags could get overwhelming but for people who have OCD and need everything in the right place, theses extra flags can help. It makes your message box a lot more colourful after a couple of minutes of adding flags.

There is a couple of small problems I find with this program. It doesn’t add a “flag” so you can’t use smart mailboxes to capture them with the flag setting, as well as this it also isn’t configurable for normal smart mailboxes. One of the biggest problems I have found is there is no visible way of uninstalling it with out going through the method explained below.

You can uninstall this program is you go to /Users/[name]/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins and deleting the Flagit.bundle file. Not the easiest method but you can get rid of it. You do have to restart Mail if you want to fully get rid of it.

A nice little app. It does cost $8, so you may have to try before you buy. Hopefully it will appear on MacPromo soon going cheap. Leave a comment telling me what you think of this program.

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