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Inserting Apple Characters Into Word


If you are on a Mac a lot and you are writing documents that involve the command, option and control keys for shortcuts, you may be interested in this small work around to automatically display the symbols in your current Word documents. It takes a couple of minutes to set up. But once as you get it all correct you can really improve the quality and output of your documents.

The first step it to open up Word. I am using Word 2004. It may work in new versions. As well as this it may also work in pages or any other word processing application such as pages. The feature we are going to use it autocomplete/autocorrect. But we are going to modify it so it inserts our symbol.

Once as Word is open you need to open up the character palette. This isn’t in Word it’s self but a system wide application. You can use the tutorial in this post, to make sure the character palette is loaded. Once as the character palette is loaded set the view option in the top left to Glyph, and then set the font to Lucida Grande. This is a standard font for Mac’s and it has the symbols we needed. Use the scroll bar on the left to scroll down the row 940.

Inserting apple chracters using the character pallette

As you can see this has all of the symbols we want. I am going to set this up so I can write command, option, control, shift and function and the symbols appear. To do this make sure you word document is open, select the character and press insert with font. It should then insert it into your Word document. Shift is character 9403, function 9406, command 9408, option 9500.

Once as your characters have been inserted, select the first one. In my case it is shift. Go to Tools > Autocorrect. You should see the auto correct dialog box. In the replace box adding in a keyword. For example shft for shift, cmd for command etc etc. Don’t use the full words because you may need to use them some place else.

Word auto correct with apple characters

Repeat the steps for the remaining characters. So now when you type a document every time you type the keywords, Word will auto complete / correct you but insert the character symbol instead. Pretty nifty and saves a lot of time if you are writing tutorials in Word. I would do the same for this blog, although there may be font differences which will cause the post, in some section, to become unreadable.

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