iPhone Style Scrolling For Your Mac 0


iPhone Style Scrolling For Your Mac


If you have an iPhone you will notice that when you scroll it kind of has a bit of momentum to keep the scroll going after you activate it. This, I think, is quite a cool feature. By default there isn’t any way of doing this on your Mac. But you can install a preference pane that can take care of this feature and do it for you.

If you head over to Smart Scroll, you can download and install the preference pane. You have to restart your computer to get it to work, since it patches and write to some system files that are loaded in memory. Restarting your computer will let you use these new files.

The preference pane is very simple. It has a couple of feature such as coasting which lets you page continue to scroll after you have let go of the track pad or mouse ball. As well as speeding up and slowing down how quick scroll events happen.

It sounds quite complicated but jkOnTheRun has made a little informative video about this preference pane.

It does cost $19, and for that price I don’t think it is fully worth the cost. But if you do use it and you think it is a good little addition to your Mac arsenal of cool programs then you should pay the fee. Its a good application, although one I might skip on.

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