iPhone Timeline 0


iPhone Timeline


I can’t accept originality of this image I found it over at iPhone Gold. But it is very interesting about how the iPhone has evolved and changed over the years. I remember them releasing the ROKR, thinking how un-Apple it looked and operated.

iPhone Timeline

I wonder what will come in the next coming months and years. Hopefully they will release an iPhone which is on Pay As You Go (PAYG). I mentioned with another Mac buff friend, that if Apple released an iPhone on PAYG they would sell millions more. I would have bought one, all of my friends would have bought one. But since it is on contact they missed out on a making money trick. iPhones would have become as disposable as iPods.

Leave a comment below on what you think about the iPhone and if you do have one. As a side note I wonder if I will ever become as recognised as Endgaget enabling me to wipe off $4 billion off Apple’s stock. The power.

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